We offer a variety of animated explainer video styles. From animation marketing videos to help with your latest online social media campaign to made-for-tv commercial videos, we can deliver on any animation style, optimized to any medium, for any animated videos for business. If you have a specific concept that you don’t see here, feel free to reach out and ask if we can do it – I bet we can.

Powerful Script

Whether you need a marketing or training video, we know how to get to the heart of your message, and both educate and entertain.

Impactful Content

Our professional cartoonists and illustrators will ensure that your video looks great while effectively communicating your message.

100% Custom Built

Unlike other animation companies, we never use clip art or templates, to ensure that your video is totally unique to you.

Professional Voiceover

We work with a range of top-quality voice artists around the world, with a variety of accents and languages.

Compelling Music

We’ll find a choice of music tracks that complement your voice track and buy the license for your chosen track as part of your project

Unlimited Corrections

We want you to love your finished video, so unlike other companies, we don’t limit your project to a specific number of corrections.

Do you need just a video or an automated sales machine?

To promote a business globally, the importance of video animation service is accredited by all entrepreneurs. With an animation a business can promote its content visually which is more interactive than regular contents like text. Exactly that’s why video animation services are gaining momentum day by day.

Someone might be wondering what is video animation? Well, it’s a combination of simulated movement using a series of frames, pictures or cartoons. Almost all the components of multimedia are gathered under the ‘animation’ umbrella. The big difference with regular video is that here you can practice ideas that are otherwise won’t be possible to visualize; hence, it gives the creator full independence of creating a unique and interesting idea.

By using video animation services, a business can generate higher sales and source of traffic. But to make sure that you are taking full advantage of this service, it is necessary to have a fully equipped and skilled animated video maker in disposal. Only a team consisting multi-skilled and talented animators can get you the desired result. Such a team is usually made up of animators, 3D artists, voice-over artists, editors, and video producers. With the anticipated level of experience they should be able to create smart, attractive, and engaging motion graphics, photorealistic virtual 3d, and infographics.

Breaking the conventional icy atmosphere in corporate communication is never easy. However, using viral marketing powered by light but touchy animation could break the lock. Corporate video production services are helping their clients to bridge the gap they have had with their potential audience or future clients. If you are looking for a way to realize the prospects of your business with our help you may come up with a quirky and funny idea as a form of an animation using illustration and cartoons to tell a compelling story. The process could be defined as a sum of tasks like: storyboarding, illustration, scripting, and delivery. Indeed it’s a cumbersome process and, only a professional team can help you to take a step forward for your valuable business to take advantage of animated videos as marketing tools. Now, you don’t have to spend sleepless nights thinking about meeting the deadline, so, you don’t lag behind your competitors!

Video animation is a golden opportunity to tell a story to a particular audience in a memorable way. The advantage is, it would induce the audience to take action afterward which is the most important outcome along with a room for going viral and let your business be known to a wide variance of audience and clients. For years we have been helping our clients to get to the path of success with our vast experience and skill sets. We successfully worked on different niches to promote different businesses. And, precisely, that’s an honor for us to be a part of our clients’ successful journey. Keeping in mind the ever changing trend of the online sector we always remain prepared to get adapted to any new situation and development. This is how exactly we are maintaining our command over this blooming industry; and in future, we hope to add more to our crown.


Why does our approach actually work?

Here at AnimationBees, we believe that only happy clients can make a business solid. So, as a marketer or entrepreneur you have always got be looking for ways to drive the market force back to you. Being cordial is a way to achieve your marketing goals. When you can make the audience believe that you are the one who can understand and admit their needs, you will be able to get them closer to you. It is not like that the services you are providing is a kind of monopoly. In this world of internet, people can compare and evaluate between goods and services with a click. Hence, you have to be the one among all. By taking corporate video services to create valuable and informative content you could be knocking the door of your audiences. When the content is cool it will be hard for anyone to reject what you are promoting. The math is quite simple — create animated videos for business, get one step ahead of your competitors, and fill your pouch with cash!

If you are visiting our site, we would think ourselves as the luckiest of all corporate video companies. But, it would not be wrong to announce that our reputation and client satisfaction has also played a big role in bringing you to this site. As a leading animated video creator we are more than obliged to give the clients what they want. Our specialty lies in offering creative and effective video creation and delivery for businesses of any scale. AnimationBees, as a business video production house, is willing to take part in short projects like promotional videos or a bit lengthy video advertisement for any niche website. No matter whether yours is a big project or not we give the same priority to each of our project. With us you are also able to incorporate your daily communication with video contents. Our wealth of expertise is an opportunity for your business. Our talented and creative animators will be making your business’s voice hard all over the web.