At Animation Bees, we just do one thing – produce great-looking animated Whiteboard & 2D Explainer Videos that grow businesses.


The rapid growth in online video production and consumption indicates new patterns in people’s behavior. They surf the internet at an extremely fast pace and rarely read even the smallest percentage of a website’s content. That creates challenges to businesses because you simply can’t rely on a high-quality design anymore due to the similarities between websites layouts and templates. However, we see opportunities in that.We use new internet trends and behaviors to our own advantage in order to be more effective at attracting new customers.

Video is the easiest way for people to discover the benefits of your product or service and connect with your brand.

Our animated videos allow you to grab attention from the first moment visitors land on your website and after that, you are given the opportunity to demonstrate that you’re relevant and describe how people are going to benefit from your product. Everything in our videos is designed for one purpose – people begin to relate to your product or service and engage with your brand. Our videos talk to people personally and show how you are going to benefit them, so they become ready to learn more about your product. After watching your video, your customers will instantly know what your product is about, how it differentiates itself from similar products and services, and will want to proceed further to make a purchase.

The core idea behind our company is the creation of extremely effective and high-quality animated videos for businesses.

By high quality, we mean a video which completes the website, perfectly integrates with it, is consistent with the brand as a whole, and adds that missing component, allowing you to stand out from the competition.

Effective videos are those which are built on a solid foundation of real-world tested scientific advertising principles. These are videos which know how to talk to your customers on the emotional level and deliver your message to the market.